Candace Moon is the best candidate in the coming Centennial City Council District 1 election.  She is caring, humble, a really good listener with 20 years work forming and nurturing our wonderful city.  Working keep our city functioning for all, keeping our city with the lowest sales tax rate in the metropolitan area, the only city with no bonds or debt, property values high, and residents safe and secure.  These things don't happen by themselves.  It takes conscientious, knowledgeable, dedicated work by you and your City Council representative to make these things happen.  You saw that over the past four years with Candace.

Candace Moon has all of these qualities and more to keep our city working for all.  From street maintenance to snow removal, to roadside refurbishing, to Youth Commission work on suicide prevention, to drafting a Value Statement for our city, Candace Moon has been right there working for/with you.  This is the reason I think Candace Moon stands head and shoulders above her competition.

She knows the city, the people, how the city dealt with its growing pains in the transition from rural Arapahoe County into the award winning, safe small city government (60 -70 Full time Employees), model of a contract city.  Her opponent does not have the depth of knowledge of people nor of the city today.  He was elected to council and after almost six months he left town.  Our city has grown and flourished in the ten or so years he was gone.


Nobody knows what the new owner of the Sears property in Streets at Southglenn will do with a new development there.  I have read her opponent's newsletter and in them he claims to have told the developer what the citizens want and do not want.  The developer has not submitted a formal proposal to even say what he wants to do.  The city already has the Land Development  Code, and the Southglenn Master Development Plan in place that tells the developer what he can and cannot do with his property.  The developer has property rights within these documents and City Council has to approve or disapprove what ever plan is presented.  Her opponent has already prejudiced himself against redevelopment plan.

He says on his face book page that he wants to "keep taxes low and give the excess taxes back to the people".  I'm not sure if her opponent does not know or he may just want to deceive citizens - the Citizens of Centennial voted in 2004 to start to "Debruce" the City funds in accordance with the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.  Before doing this, it was calculated that if  the city paid each citizen their fare share of the excess, it would be less than $20.00 per person.  The total cost for the city to write out a check to each citizen and mail it to them would be more costly than the amount to be given back.  Postage and mail costs could not come out of the excess.

His statement, in a public forum that the City Council is trying to make the whole city an HOA by forcing its will/power on the citizens, was countered by Mayor Piko, who stated publicly, "it is not true", (9-16-19 City Council Regular Meeting).  

Candace Moon's opponent lives comfortably in his beautiful HOA protected neighborhood and serves on the Board of Director to enforce the strict covenant rules of no parking on the streets and no RV parking anywhere outside the garages of the homes in the HOA.

What we need in this election is honesty, integrity, inclusiveness and somebody who understands people's concerns because they are willing to listen to you and willing to serve, not just have the title of Council Member.  Candace Moon can and will talk with you on any and all the issues and concerns.  Her opponent has not said anything of substance in this campaign.  We need people with forward thinking ideas, who knows the issues and how to resolve the issues for the benefit of all.  This describes only one person in the District 1 race - CANDACE MOON.

I urge you to vote for CANDACE MOON to keep her working for all.

Vorry C. Moon, Lt. Colonel, USAF, RETIRED

Former Mayor Pro Tem

Former City  Council Member District 1

City of Centennial, Colorado


In the election for Centennial City Council in District 1 this year, we have the opportunity to keep the positive energy and positive image we have in Centennial, if we elect Candace Moon. Candace has the experience, dedication, ethics, dignity, and civility to help continue the progress we are enjoying in our city and build it.

Candace Moon, Candidate for Re-election to Centennial City Council District 1, is an Air Force veteran; military spouse and mother; former federal law enforcement officer and law enforcement instructor; a trained, certified mediator; retired supervisor from the Department of Homeland Security, who is working continuously and selflessly to make this city a better place to live, work and play. From the beginning of the effort to form Centennial, Candace has served to make our city a successful reality.

I have watched closely where city councils were divided between those who wanted the city to progress and serve the citizens and those who worked for the seemingly radical partisan objective of making the city fail. The “anti-Centennial, nay saying regressive” council candidates continue to try to hold our great city back. This is the choice we have to make: We can vote for Candace Moon and keep our city cohesive, serving everyone and well-functioning, doing great things for our citizens to keep the momentum going; or you can vote for the tired, “cookie cutter” fearmongering rhetoric without substance from her opponent.

Candace Moon is the candidate we need to elect! Candace Moon has the demonstrated experience and credentials to work hard and smart, to listen to citizens, work in committees, and on budgets, but most importantly she can and will do all this with energy, ethics and for the greater good by listening to you. A strong individual, Candace Moon, has the knowhow and rapport to get the job done for us by collaborating with others, in our interest, for the best outcome for all.

I urge you to vote for Candace Moon for District 1 Centennial City Council. She is the right person to continue our city’s progress for us.

Dr. Jody G. Hinrich, Author
Centennial Citizen
Retired Professor Emerita of Nursing, Anthropology, & Psychiatry University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Paid for by Candace Moon for Centennial

I am proud to endorse Council Member Candace Moon as the best candidate for Centennial City Council District 1. She is a self starting, multi-talented, achiever.  I have found that she possesses the integrity, work ethic and "common sense" approach, coupled with a great degree of background knowledge in Colorado and Centennial issues necessary to serve District 1 successfully. Candace is knowledgeable, concerned, and caring in everything she undertakes. Her knowledge and understanding of state issues have been honed as a parent and from activism state-wide, district-wide and at the local level.  Again, Candace is the best qualified candidate.

Working with the Centennial Youth Commission, spearheading the establishment of a Centennial Value Statement, or working to prevent teen suicide, Candace has demonstrated her abilities and desire to accomplish the hard jobs.  With her demonstrated willingness to serve and excellent perceptiveness, Mrs. Moon is the kind of person needed to keep the City moving forward and keeping our taxes the lowest in this region while maintaining a balanced budget with no debt. All of this has been accomplished while increasing services to our citizens such as snow removal, sidewalk snow removal and sensible Code Compliance.

Please vote for Candace Moon.  It is a pleasure having her to work with on Council.


Marlo Alston
Council Member District 4
City of Centennial, Colorado

I am proud to endorse Mrs. Candace M. Moon as a candidate for Centennial City Council District 1. I have found that she possesses the integrity, work ethic and "common sense" approach coupled with a great degree of background knowledge to Centennial issues necessary to serve this district successfully. Candace is knowledgeable, concerned, and caring in everything she undertakes. Her knowledge and understanding of city and regional issues have been honed from raising a family here, from activism state-wide, district-wide and at the local level since before Centennial was incorporated.  She is the best qualified candidate.

Working for citizens in our state, county and cities, Candace has served in many capacities.  She has firsthand experience from military service, Federal Government service, small business ownership, civic activism, and four years as one of our City Council Members.  With her demonstrated willingness to serve and excellent perceptiveness, Mrs. Moon is the kind of person needed to keep the City on track in service to our Citizens. She will fight to maintain the high quality and character of our great City, and our neighborhoods.

I ask that you vote for Candace M. Moon for Centennial City Council District 1.

Rebecca L. McClellan
Member Colorado State Board of Education District 6
Former Centennial Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member District 3

It is my pleasure to endorse the re-election of Candace Moon for Centennial City Council.  Candace is a hands-on, committed public servant who consistently advocates for smart development in the city.  I have been particularly impressed by her devotion to supporting and improving the lives of people in her community, focusing particularly on the youth of Centennial.  She brings a no-nonsense, detail-oriented passionate commitment to everything she does.  Please join me in supporting a devoted a forthright public servant.


David Aarestad